The Soul Story

SoulSlips are handcrafted on Waiheke Island in New Zealand’s Hauraki Gulf, where the locals are united by a love of the good life and people enjoy a blissful creative and bohemian vibe.


It all started a few years ago, when Melanie Wadham made a pair of woollen slippers for her mother-in-law. She then created a few more pairs to sell at the local craft shop. During New Zealand’s first coronavirus lockdown in March 2020, she made 30 pairs and listed them online. They sold out in two days, and Melanie received hundreds of enquiries as people quickly fell in love with the designs and embraced the uniqueness of the product and the brand.

Using her creativity is a way for Melanie to cope with the triggers she still faces from the trauma she has experienced in her life. In 2012, she published the book Velvet Lies, Muted Cries: Silence, the Most Powerful Scream, which tells the story of her hardship but also her journey of healing. SoulSlips helps Melanie with protecting her mental health, and it’s become an important part of her recovery. It gives her great joy to produce products that so many women adore.

Melanie works from home, and she now employs a small and talented team to help her craft the range. Together, they lovingly create these beautiful products that bring others so much joy. They take their time on each of the creations, and pride themselves on creating quality handmade products that are made to last.

Because Quality Matters

Each pair is unlike the other, uniquely custom-made and bespoke as we don’t do mass produced. We take our time on each item, and we pride ourselves on creating a quality handmade product for you to love for years to come.

SoulSlips are made to last. The  tops  are sandwiched together with cotton bamboo batting  to give more structure, strength and warmth to the front of the slippers. The soles are made of reversed leather, with the non-slip side down. Our Hard soles are a quality rubber sole.

woolen dressing gown

About New Zealand Wool

New Zealand’s vintage and well-loved woollen blankets are part of our history. Most families have at least one or two stashed away in the linen cupboard. The woollen blankets are totally retro and as Kiwiana as gumboots, no 8 wire, Pavlova and L&P.

Wool processing was an obvious industry for New Zealand, with its huge flock of sheep and the booming wool exports in the late 19th century. Sheep farming was established by the 1850s and has played a huge role in New Zealand’s economy ever since.

The first wool mills were built in the late 1800’s in Mosgiel and Otago, then more woollen mills appeared in the South Island. In the North Island, wool mills opened in Onehunga, Napier, Whanganui, Wanganui and Petone. At peak production, there were 10 large scale woollen mills across New Zealand.

In recent years, NZ wool has made a huge comeback. The blankets are being repurposed by people with all sorts of creative ideas. Its natural, renewable, and biodegradable qualities make wool the fibre of choice for eco-conscious buyers looking for a sustainable alternative to synthetic materials.