Woollen Dressing Gowns

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Our bespoke handcrafted dressing gowns are becoming really popular.  Our research shows that you cannot buy a 100% pure wool dressing gown in NZ. Mostly they are made from polar fleece which is a synthetic fibre.  One match to these and you’re up in flames!  These beauties will last you a lifetime. They are made from our iconic New Zealand woollen blankets are fully lined with a 100% cotton flannelette which prevents any itching from wool against your skin.  They totally engulf you, providing you with warmth, a sense of comfort and coziness.
They feature front pockets and hoodies. You could even wear one out, and many have bought these for the purposes of being a funky coat.  So there you go, not just a dressing gown but a coat too!  They are full length with an open ended zip making them easy to put on & take off without having to fuss with a belt tie.
Our dressing gowns are handcrafted in limited amounts each one being a  unique bespoke piece with two never being the same. You are guaranteed to have a one of a kind dressing gown in your wardrobe that will last you a lifetime.