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Wool is probably not the first fabric that comes to mind when you think of footwear, but many reasons make wool an excellent choice…. As well as being soft and warm, wool is also breathable and effectively resists odour and wicks away moisture. It has natural climate control, keeping your feet warm in winter and cool in summer. From an environmental point of view, wool is also sustainable and natural. The natural elasticity of wool means that it forms to your feet for a snug, comfortable fit.
Our SoulBoots are just that, comfortable, breathable, practical and funky with a wide range of colourways to choose from.
Each pair is carefully handcrafted from woollen blankets and stabilized with pure 100% wool pile lining to provide extra warmth and comfort. The Soles are a strong durable sole which makes for a perfect transition from inside to outside effortlessly. The inner sole can be easily removed for washing purposes. What makes our SoulBoots so unique is our feature leather across the toes and back heel  to prevent wear and tear and provide a boot with longevity in mind.

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