Caring for your SoulSlips

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If your favourite slips are looking a bit worse for wear and it’s time to put them in the wash. To help preserve the life span of your woollen slips it’s important to follow our care instructions.

Your slips are easy to clean. You can even throw them in the washing machine!

40°C (or 30°C) very mild wash

Machine-washable wool. This washing cycle ensures a much reduced mechanical treatment. Reduce the quantity of laundry in the washing machine. The drum should be not more than one-third full. It’s best to use a cycle for wool or delicates.

Hand wash

Hand wash if you prefer to machine washing at a water temperature between 30°C and a maximum of 40°C, First dissolve a fine wool detergent in plenty of water. Allow the slips to float in the solution and agitate carefully. Do not rub, pull and wring out. Then rinse the slips well and press the superfluous water out carefully before pulling the item into shape. Treat coloured and sensitive pieces rapidly and do not leave lying in the wet state.

Do not bleach

The triangle with a diagonal cross (St. Andrews Cross) indicates that bleaching is not allowed. Use only bleach-free detergent.

Do not tumble dry

Doing so may cause shrinkage.

Dry Flat

Dry Flat and don’t peg them as this will leave a mark.

From a customer who washed her slips

Another recommendation for the amazingly warm SoulSlips… I washed my slippers yesterday on a cold machine wash after wearing them pretty much daily for over 2 months since I received them. They have come up amazingly! Warm, soft, delicious. It’s so worth buying this quality. Thanks Mel et al! Great work!