New Zealand's

Most Sustainable Woollen Slippers

Delight Your Soul & Warm Your Feet

Ultra Comfortable


Quality Guaranteed

Made in New Zealand

Uniquely Handmade In New Zealand From Vintage Woollen Blankets


SoulSlips are funky and absolutely unique.

Ultra-comfortable, naturally antimicrobial, with unique moisture wicking properties that absorb sweat leaving your feet dry and odor free all year round.

We aim to bring you a quality crafted product with sustainability and longevity in mind.

Wearing a pair of SoulSlips is like putting your feet back to bed


Client Testimonials

My gown and slips are amazing! Exactly what I was after and so incredibly comfy to snuggle up in on cool mornings! They will definitely last me for years to come, just like the blankets they’re made from. Also so incredibly lovely to deal with. Very quick in getting it made and sent to me. Honestly wouldn’t hesitate to deal with this wonderful lady again.

Erykah Southall

Absolutely love my slips! Warm & cozy in winter & so comfy! They are so well made & I love the personal touch. Great service & communication too! Highly recommend…you won’t regret the investment.

Anne-Marie Denton

These Slippers are amazing. My old cheap ones would make my feet all sweaty so would hardly wear them. My SoupSlips I can put these on and forget about them they are so warm and comfortable. I have been tempted to on a couple of occasions to wear them to bed because I have not wanted to take them off 😂

Rosie Miller

Comfort Like You've Never
Felt Before

Take a look at our delightful and ever-changing range of SoulSlips, our bespoke 100% woollen dressing gowns, our new release winter SOULBOOTS and our soled slippers. 

Treat yourself to a top-quality product that is uniquely created for you.

Lovingly made in our home on Waiheke Island to yours bringing you warmth, comfort, and a whole lot of soul!

A Slice of History Repurposed

Handcrafted and upcycled from iconic New Zealand Woollen blankets, each pair of SoulSlips is unlike the other. The blankets are handpicked, and in perfect condition. New Zealand’s vintage and well-loved wool blankets are part of our history.

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